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Gumdrop Pacifiers

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Amy Curtis By Amy Curtis on
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These are the pacifiers my son was given when he was born at the hospital. They are a one piece pacifier that is competely covered in silicone so it is very comfy for them to suck. It has the same nipple shape at the popular soothie brand minus the akward round shield the sooties have. They have a more natural shield shape that doesn't interefere with a babies natural sucking pattern. These pacifiers are perfect for mothers and babies who breast feed because unlike some pacifiers they force the top lip up and out which is how they need to have their lips to latch on and nurse effectivley. My son only took his gumdrop pacifier for the first 5 months of his life because they were so much easier to keep in his mouth than the other brands.

The only downside I can say to these pacifiers is that they are not yet sold in stores. They must be either used at the hospital your little one is born at (they will give them to you for free) or you have to be ordered online. It is really a small inconveince though for such and awesome pacifier.