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Gummi Lifesavers

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Lifesavers is a popular brand of candy that looks like small lifesavers that you find in a swimming pool, in a beach or on an airline plane. It is wrapped in a distinctive foil packaging in contrast to the usual cardboard packaging. Clarence Crane invented the candy way back in 1912. He did it with the intention of offering something during summers where chocolate was easily melted.

Crane sold the rights to Edward Noble and then was sold to Kraft foods and is now owned by Wrigley's. The original flavor was mint. Then later on the popular five flavor variety was introduced. Under Wrigley's ownership, a gummi version was introduced. This is similar to the gummi bears you find in candy stores. The flavors are as follows:

* Blackberry

* Cherry

* Green Apple

* Strawberry

* Watermelon

I found this product to be quite innovative as it combined an existing favorite in Lifesavers and another existing favorite in gummi bears. The product tastes good as it emphasizes fruit flavors over being too sugary. Excellent product here at the low price of about 55 cents per roll.