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Guns And Roses: 'G N' R Lies'

Reviewing: Geffen 1986 1988 Compilation  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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G N' R Lies was one of Axel Roses feats of screaming x2. Four tracks from 1986, and four tracks from 1988 lace this short 30 minute release.

‘Reckless Life' is first, with a basic auto biography of Axel himself. This is a great one. It is quickly followed by ‘Nice Boys', which is in reference to the boys that the band are not. This band loves Rock N' Roll, therefore they can not possibly be ‘Nice Boys'.

‘Move To The City', is probably the better of the first four, with a tune that reminds me of ‘Great White ‘ with a twist of ‘LYNYRD SKYNYRD', a very fine song indeed.

The #4 song ‘Mama Kin' is also one of the bands better tracks on this albums first four. It is another fine vocal gift that came from this bands lead singer, Axel Rose. I believe this one is an Aerosmith title, but I am not sure, as I don't have much Aerosmith albums. I think Aerosmith definitely had an influence on this song at the least.

The next four kick off with ‘Patience', a song that had plenty of air time on stations across America. This is a fine song belted out with a greater style than what the band was usually expected to lend. I think that this is one of the bands finest, as it is always one to relax you, and make you think about the things in life that can bring you low. It is about recovery in the finest sense, and is well done with the acoustics as a filler behind the whistling of Axel Rose. The track ends with the declaration of ‘I need You", and is definitely one of my favorites.

The Best Track on the release is for sure this one. ‘Used To Love Her' is a balmy little song about the cranky old dog buried in the back yard. The song portrays that she had to be put down.

‘Your Crazy' the #7 track and possibly the most aggressive, is a great guitar picking hit that is known as one of the bands all time best. I think Axels Relaxed-to heavy lyric progressions are un-matched and un-contended against any where in the world. This one has our favorite four letter word all over it. I am proud of his work on this one.

‘One In A Million' is the final song on this lacking release. It is a song that is ‘OK', and resembles ‘Patience ‘to a degree.

This album was very short and lacking a few extra titles that may have made it a much more sought after classic. I love this one, but can't quite rate it above 80%. I still feel that this one is a must for every collector. This last title uses racial slurs in the lyrics, and is cause to give it another notch down on my ratings. Still, you have got to get it!