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Guns Of The Patriots, The Movie, The Game...

Reviewing: Konami Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots  |  Rating:
By the_color_orange on
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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, I had played it before I bought it and I must say I was definetly impressed. The graphics are amaizing, the voice acting is good, the story does a fantastic job of tying all previous "Metal Gear" story lines together, and to top it all off, it has online play.

So what's the issue?

Simply put, it's the cutscenes. Now, this may not be an issue for some, as the cutscenes all look great and give you a nice break between levels, but it's when hey drag on and on and on that they can get tiresome. Several cutscenes run for upwards of 20 minutes, and there are a few that are nearly an hour long!

Once again though, this may not be an issue for some, but that was my major gripe with the game. Apart from that, the game is phenomenal and if being able to unlock new weapons and badges for beating the game multiple times isn't your thing, theres still the online play! granted, the online multiplayer is a bit different, it still plays well and has a decent fanbase.

So, with a great story line, good graphics, great tie-ins from past games, and good replayability/multiplayer. I would give this game, a 9/10 (taking one point off simply because of the hour long cutscenes)