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Gun Z: The Duel

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GunZ: The Duel developed by MAIET is an alternative shooting MMORPG (Massive Multi-player On-line Role Playing Game). MAIET developed this game and hosted it in BETA version but then released it to different game hosting companies around the world for profit. The current Ijji Host is a North American game service host. It's completely free, no fee needed to play the game.

GunZ: The Duel is partially a First Person Shooter (FPS) game but it includes a lot of different twists compared to other MMORPGS.

When I first tried GunZ: The Duel, which was about an 150mb download and installation, I was captivated by the things you could do in the game. It's a P2P game which means you fight other players for glory. The average population playing at one time stretches in between 5000 - 10000+ users at one time, and only on GunZ hosted by Ijji / NHN.

The game basically a players free world. You can expand your movements a lot in this game.

Some examples are somersaulting, running on walls matrix-style, jumping, dashing around, using swords and slashing people.

The goal of the game is competition. It's a type of RPG because you can level off 'experience' points which in turn give you access to more items in the item shop. The currency in this game is called bounty, which act as cash for purchaseable items. The items include weapons such as shotguns, smg's (Sub-Machine guns), rocket launchers, rifles, daggers, katanas, kodachis, grenades, and much more.

You can join a clan, or a guild and have clan wars (which are battles between each clan)

It's all 3D action so you don't need to worry about the graphics. You also don't need a really good computer for this game to be able to play it smoothly.

You can customize your own character and dress with Armour, clothes, hats, rings, and much more.

Every day while playing GunZ: The Duel is a different experience. I really recommend you join this game along with thousands of others. The game is almost global and it's hosted in many countries around the world including Japan, India, Brazil, Korea, and here in North America.

Signing up is FREE, and FAST.

All it takes is a registration for an 'Ijji' account which allows you to play multiple game services on their website.

You also need to download a client which Is about 150mb and install it.

Enjoy a fast, fun, free game!

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