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Gunz The Duel: Ijji Games

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By Tubby Roll on
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As a game few people hear about, it is fairly remarkable. While the amount of people that play this game is considerably smaller than some of the other 'major' online games, Gunz the Duel holds itself quite well.

Gunz the Duel is an online game, and one that I have spent countless hours playing. It is one of those game where you can just have fun, and you don't need to strive to achieve anything.Refer the game to a couple friends then you guys can have your own personal battle out, or play in teams for some red vs blue fun.

The gameplay itself is simple, do whatever you can to reduce your opponents health to 0. You have countless weapons and equips at your disposal to achieve this goal, Weapons range from pistols to shotguns to machine guns. Whileyou also have the choice to use swords or grenades and various armours which improve your armour and health, therefore leading you to survive longer.

While this game may seem like any old shooting game, it is not, rather you can jump of tall buildings, dash from one to another, climb walls, run along walls and basically do death defying stunts that would otherwise kill you in other games. Once you learn the basic techniques it will be somethign you never forget, and you to can be a 'pro' in Gunz. =D

If there is one thing that you must try, it is this. Once you get the hang of the game you will never put it down. My friend told me about this game a couple years ago, and despite leaving the game various times I have always come back, I could never stay away for too long. Friends keep this game addicting as well as the satisfaction of killing someone else with a shotgun. =D