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Gws Slow Stick

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After enjoying my T-Rex helicopter, I was looking into a cheap, relaxing plane. Cheap was the essential part, for I was fairly low on cash. I asked around on the forums, and finally came to a decision - The GWS Slow Stick. They told me the Slow Stick (Or SS) would be an excellent trainer plane. I had never flown a true RC plane before, so getting a trainer plane would suit me. I went to Tower Hobbies online website, and looked up the SS. I couldn't believe it, the ARF with motor was only $30! However I did have to purchase other support equipment, including the ESC, battery and two servos. The total at Tower Hobbies was $77 shipped to my door. That's fairly cheap for a plane with electronics.

Two days later (77 shipped to my door including 2 day shipping), a nice large box arrived at my door. Inside was everything that I ordered. I began to open the SS box and start building!

GWS calls the SS an ARF, for almost ready to fly. I consider this more of a kit, since the plane comes in many pieces! The wing is strong foam reinforced with fiberglass rods. The stick fuselage is carbon, lighter than the aluminum the original kits came with. The tail is flat foam. The SS takes two servos, one for elevator, and one for rudder. Ailerons on the wing are optional. I decided to use a GWS 15 amp ESC, a GWS 750mah 8 cell battery, and two GWS Naro servos.

After a few hours upon receiving my SS, it was built! It was my first plane that I ever built, so it wasn't perfect, but it flew! My backyard is about ¾ of an acre, and I could comfortably fly in circles inside that area. I couldn't really do much more than fly in circles, if you want to do more, then a bigger space is needed. It has been a few months since I got the SS, and I've had a blast. I just recently mastered flying it, so now it's sitting in my room, and the electronics have been removed for other planes. It has held up very well, I have had two major crashes. One crash where I ran full-speed into a lamp-post and one crash where I clipped the corner of my house. Both crashes resulted in no damage to the SS, besides a little wrinkled foam! The crash to my house actually left a good sized dent, but the SS wasn't hurt!

The GWS Slow Stick is an excellent first plane. I have had a great time learning how to fly airplanes with it. It is very durable, and cheap, too! I would highly recommend it.