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G Zone Type V

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Lindy Smith By Lindy Smith on
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After washing two cell phones in with my clothes and dropping another phone in a glass of beer, I knew I needed to find a less expensive way to have the convenience of a cell phone. That's when I found the Casio GZone. It's been tested by the military and has passed all their stress tests with flying colors. It's encased in a hard plastic and rubber so that even if you drop it or it gets jostled around, it'll still work. I haven't tested it because I'm afraid of another mishap, but they say it's waterproof too. The man at the store told me that it can safely be used in the swimming pool, the rain, or while on a boat. That is very comforting to me, but I'll wait until it happens by accident before I test those out. The clarity is very nice and the display is very easy to read. It's a little larger and clunkier than most phones, but it's a good reminder so that I don't accidentally sit on it or something. If you're careless or just a little absent-minded when it comes to your cell phone, this phone is tough enough to withstand any punishment you may unwillingly dish out.