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H20 Vacuum Worth The Price Or Not?

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kristyh By kristyh on
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I don't know if we are just extremely hard on vacuums or if they do not make them like they used to but it seems like we have to buy a new vaccum at least 2 times a year. Recently my vacuum broke and my grandma bought this vacuum from an infomercial. I am not sure how much it costed but I did see that you could buy them from Target for about $169. She bought this because it was buy one get one free. This has some Pros and Cons- let's take a look at them.


1.) This vacuum does have good sucking power and does work

2.) Has a regular attachment as well as a hose attachment

3.) It has a button you press that winds the power cord back up inside it

4.) Works not only as a vacuum but also as a blower

5.) It is bagless and you do not have to buy filters (althought this is also a CON)

6.) Has wheels that you roll it around on

7.) Works better on tile than on carpet


1.) Is kind of a pain to use- you have to drag it around with you and you have to kind of hunch over to use it, which is painful

2.) Instead of using bags there is a little section that you fill with water and have to empty out every time. If you forget to empty they water, it stinks likes something went in there and died! Emptying it gross and I would recommend taking it outside to dump it in that trash barrel.

3.) Not really the most convienent shape for storing

4.) The sucking part on the vacuum (when using the attachment that looks like a vacuum end, not just the hose) has only about a 2 inch wide and 2 inch long space for sucking up dirt. So you have to be meticulous in your vacuuming style or you will miss stuff.

Overall: I honestly probably not recommend this vacuum. Now if someone happens to give you one for free though no harm done. I just would not have spent that much for this vacuum, I don't think it is worth the money.

Update On Jul 19, 2010: Ok had this vaccuum for 6 months and it finally went kaput. It can't be a high quality item, even though we washed it out after every use it started stinking. Yuck.