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Haarlem, Netherlands Bitterly Cold

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Haarlem, no not Harlem, New York, but Haarlem, Netherlands, is an interesting place to visit. Not that Harlem, New York isn't very interesting in itself.

When I visited the Haarlem in the Netherlands it was in the winter, and was bitterly cold. Considering it's located on the North Sea, one doesn't have to imagine why it gets so cold there.

Nevertheless, I had to go to see what this place called Haarlem was all about. Believe it or not, I went there simply based on its place name. As you can imagine, not too, too, much goes on in the dead of winter there. However, since I was on the "North Sea, " and it was the dead of winter, I just had to get out of the vehicle, and walk around a bit, so that I could simply say, "hey, I walked the shoreline of the North Sea in the dead of winter." There, I said it again.

Actually, Haarlem isn't directly located on the North Sea, but it's right there. When I drove there, to Haarlem, I had to drive a little ways farther to a place called Zandvoort to actually reach the North Sea.

So, what's Haarlem all about? Not much more to me other than the above-stated reason I went there; to see a place called Haarlem, and to walk the North Sea shoreline during the dead of winter. Boring, I know, but it was something I wanted to do at the time.

Though, to be fair to the city itself, just as many cities throughout Europe are, the old time architecture is beautiful there. And like its, now much more popular sister city Amsterdam, it is on a river that runs through it. Very picturesque, and it reminds you of the river and canals that run through Amsterdam.

You get a chance, Haarlem is worth the visit-even if it's for the same simple reason I went; to walk the shoreline of the North Sea during the dead of winter. Thanks for reading.