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Hack Your Way Through China In Dynasty Warriors 3

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By pato on
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Dynasty Warriors 3 is a repetitive hack and slash action game from Koei in which you fight for dominance of China. But by repetitive, I do not mean boring or derivative. Indeed if you like this type of game then it is nearly perfect. With nearly limitless replayability, DW3 is a game that will have you coming back for more.

There is a story somewhere within DW3 but it is skippable for the most part. None of it matters or even makes sense most of the time. It's like a porn movie. Nobody cares what happens just as long as we get some action. And action there is! Nearly, endless wave after wave of enemies to slaughter with your beefed out character. The enemies are rather faceless for the most part so don't expect anything approaching variety. Until you get to fight enemy generals that is. The varous commanders of the Chinese factions are very colorful and all dress in outlandish ways. They are also much harder to defeat so be prepared for some tough battles.

Your general can be upgraded with various items to increase life or magic abilities. There is a lot of characterization to be had. From weapons to different types of horses. Unfortunately, your character does not visibly change much. Although the different weapon types are shown. Easily the best part of the game is discovering new attacks and abilities and upgrading your items. There is also a sick pleasure to be had from hacking down thousands of enemies (my max is over 4, 000 enemy kills).

Ultimately, this is not a game for anyone. If you are easily bored by doing the same things, even cool things like raining lightning on your enemies, then this is probably not the game for you. If you, like me, find hacking through endless hordes makes you feel hardcore then this is a game you'll want in your library.

P.S. You'll find DW3 a lot cheaper now than when I bought it. The game usually sells for under 10 dollars used.