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Halex Electronic Talking Dart Board With Cabinet

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I got this for my husband for Christmas. He loves “toys”, I wanted to get him something that would be fun to play with by him self as well as with others/company. The Halex Electronic Dart Board has been a fun addition to our home.

This one comes built in to it's wooden cabinet, we don’t have the box anymore and there are no model numbers anywhere on the board or cabinet so I am not sure which model it is, it just says Halex on the front bottom right corner of the cabinet. I like the cabinet because it hold all the darts and helps to keep everything in one place and it closes so things look neater in the “game room”. The cabinet measures 22 inches tall by 20 inches wide when closed. The diameter of the actual dart board is 13.5 inches.

It talks and electronically keeps score; up to 8 people can play at one time (depending on the game you are playing). There are 37 different games you can play on this dart board.

This also comes with 4 sets of darts (3 darts in each set) …these darts are very light weight, plastic tipped, very poor quality darts. We tried playing with them and you had to throw REALLY hard to get them to stick in the board. Since they are plastic tipped darts, they kept breaking and bending…we kept having to change tips and bend them straight so they would stick in the board. We finally just bought better quality darts to use! That solved the problem.

The board is plastic with a bunch of little holes that “catch” the dart when you play. It seems durable enough, we haven’t had any problems. You DO NOT want to use metal tipped darts on this board…it will wreck it!

When the board talks it just tells you which players turn it is, “BULLSEYE!” and if you take to long it says things like…”I’m Waaiting!” and it also has settings for the talking score keeper…you can set it to talk boloney to you and have a different attitude or “accent” ..For instance my husband set it on a surfer dude type score keeper…it would say things like “DUDE, just throw the dart!” It was kind of funny, for about 5 minutes …I prefer a more basic...don’t talk back to me score keeper! Even my husband says it is annoying. It just kind of says the same things over and OVER and OVER!

One bad thing-The talking feature on our board broke. We don’t know why, maybe it got bumped to hard when we were moving into our new house. This is fine with us because the taking was annoying however kids might appreciate having this feature and we wonder if it is a quality issue. The score board still works, we still play with it!

Darts are always fun and competitive game for most ages. There are so many games on this it can keep you busy and stay amusing. We really like ours! It is always a main event when we have family parties and when ever my husband and I get a little "alone time" (when the baby is sleeping) we try to play a game or two.

I got this at K-mart. I paid $79.99. I’m not sure where else to find them.