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Half Life 2: Death Match

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Where Counter-Strike is a deeply tactical multiplayer FPS that requires cunning and cooperation, Half-Life 2 DeathMatch requires a toilet to the temple of your foe to acquire victory. Originally bundled with the universally acclaimed title of 2004 - Half-Life 2 - HL2:DM is a frenzied, frenetic, frivolous endeavour that is likely to please fans of frag-fests like Unreal Tournament.

The core objective is lucid - fell as many nemesis' as you can within the time limit with a vast array of ingeniously crafted weapons. While updates have added a decent quantity of new content, the game is still on the light side - though it does not purport to be anything more than a competent distraction. The maps are varied enough to keep games fresh - you'll be dishing out carnage in everything from the manifaceted ruins of towering edifices to an intricate laboratory.

The highlight of HL2:DM is the gravity gun, a weapon that allows player to pick up, move, or throw the gallimaufry of crap that is strewn chaotically around the maps; downing your foes with a couch or a cabinet is good fun. The pace of the game is incredibly rapid, with your characters (who are portrayed as a variety of characters of both the Rebel and Combine factions) dashing and jumping with vigour and slight of foot.

At its core, HL2:DM is just a dumb deathmatch that was tacked on to an already-brilliant game. However, the zany factor and the downright fun you'll be experiencing negates any deep criticism, because really, the thing is only $10 and even if it only keeps you hooked for a few hours, its a blast while it lasts.