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Half Life 2 Review

Reviewing: Valve Half Life 2  |  Rating:
By Joe Fritz on
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This game is a great deal for any type of gamer. Along with the innovative and deeply involved storyline. You start off after the incident of Black Mesa, an experiment gone wrong that brought aliens from the planet Xen to Earth. Following the events, you are plunged into a stasis and awaken approximetaly 10 years later after the aliens have taken over and enslaved the entire human race. You, Gordon Freeman join the group of rebels to fight off the invaders.

Not only that, ou also have an awesome multiplayer system as well. You can shoots barrels and toilets at your friends, shoot them with various guns, or just blow them up

Also, the entire game is modable with 3rd party mods for a whole new singleplay or multiplayer game experience.

I Highly recommend this.