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Half Life 2 The Orange Box

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By Matthew Campbell on
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Half-Life 2 arrives for the Xbox 360. It brings a few friends along the way including two expansion packs, a brand new adventure called Portal, and Team Fortress 2 for multiplayer. Is this package worth your money? Hell yes.

Half-Life 2, the single player PC port arrives with graphics a few years behind, but with all the atmosphere and charm that made the PC version so good. While it gets a few graphical upgrades you can tell it's aged a bit. Still, it's got a great story and is considered one of the finest examples of a FPS anywhere.

Portal is a brand new adventure/puzzle game, where you use portals to clear rooms and continue on. Incredibly fun, even for non-puzzle fans.

Episode 1 and 2 are expansion pack adventures for Half-Life 2, both several hours in length and incrediby tight, considered by some to rival HL2's original gameplay, or even exceed it. The graphical upgrades for the expansions are definitely a step above HL2, much like when they were released for the PC version.

Finally, Team Fortress 2, in development for over 5 years, it has finally arrived. With a visual style akin to "The Incredibles", this multiplayer only, teamwork required online game is a BLAST. Great characters, great atmosphere, and possibly the best graphics out of the bunch make this one a winner.