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Halifax Not As Good As It Sounds!!

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jennifer kennedy By jennifer kennedy on
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I have been with the Halifax bank now for about five years, I first opened the account for my wages to go into and have used the account ever since, when I first opened my account I needed the usual information like photographic ID and a letter with my name and address on. It was simple to open and the staff seemed really friendly and helpful, I was advised I would recieve a cheque book within a few days but my card would only be posted out when £100 passed through my account, the £100 would remain safe in my account and the card would then be posted out. This wasn't a problem as the account was for my wages to go into.

So a few weeks later the card arrived in the post and and my account was up and running and ready to use, the account I opened was a current account and my card was also a debit card, I must say I have found this really handy in the past for things like paying bills and using Ebay etc.

Bank fees

Over the next few years I had no problems with the bank or my account, then I started to set up direct debits and this is when I noticed that the Halifax fees were quite expensive, through my own stupidity I missed a direct debit and the bank were quick to notify me about my mistake and they would be charging me £35 pound, now comparing this to some other banks fees of £25 for a missed direct debit, thats quite expensive, so I quickly learned not to make that mistake to often.

If I loose my card

If on the rare occassion I happen to loose my bank card I am only allowed to lift £50 per day providing I have photographic ID, well thats according to some of the bank staff, I have lost my bank card in the past and some staff have only allowed me to lift the said £50 per day, were as others have allowed me to lift more.

Problems with the ATM machine

On another occassion I put my card into an ATM machine and typed in all my details including my pin number and on the screen it said "please wait while we deal with your transaction" I waited and waited but no money came out, I didn't even get my card back so I went straight to the bank and told them what had happened and although I hadn't got the money it was withdrawn from my account.

I had to answer a few security questions and was then informed that I could lift £50 per day but not on the day in question, I got quite uptight about this as I had no money at all, no shopping in as the money I was lifting was for my groceries and I have three young kids, the girl behind the counter was neither friendly nor helpful she then said I would have to wait for around 10 days for an new card to be posted out, which actually took about three weeks.

I was then informed that the missing money could take anything up to six weeks to be returned to me, as they would have to be sure I was telling the truth and they also had to check to see if the money would re-appear in the system, while I understood the point of all this I just felt that the bank were of no help at all, I left the bank that day with no money and felt as if I were telling lies as well.

Over the years I have had a few minor problems with the Halifax bank but if I carry on I will be here all day lol.

Other services

Like with most banks these days the Halifax offers an online banking system, which I must admit I do find really handy, they offer all the usual stuff that other banks offer such as insurance, mortgages etc, I haven't really made use of any other services within the bank so therefore I cant comment on them.

My opinion

I have seen the advertisements on the TV about the Halifax and it sounds like a great bank, in my opinion it's not as great as it sounds, they are friendly and helpful when you first open your account but once you've been a customer for a while the friendliness soons weres off. Not really impressed with the Halifax, I am intending on opening an account elsewere.