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Halloween 1978

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avatarfan By avatarfan on
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Halloween. A horror classic of the 70's which created one of the most well known horror figures. I rented this movie excited to see Michael Myers in his first appearance. I almost rented Friday the 13th, as blockbuster had a dvd with both parts 1 and 2 on it, but after watching Freaky Friday, I wanted to see something with Jamie Lee Curtis in it.

So, I get home and put it in my computer. It starts off pretty good at the mental institution, but it sorta goes downhill from there. Now, I may not be a horror expert, but this movie to me was just average. I didn't find it very scary and the best part, in my opinion was the end when Laurie Strode "fought off" Myers. I guess I can see why it would be considered good in the 70's, but today, you pretty much know what's gonna happen. The main point of suspense and mystery in the movie is you wondering who or what this Michael Myers is that the doctor is so afraid of, and is he really that bad? Everybody now knows that he's a man and an insane killer, and yes, he is that bad. The other point of suspense is, "Who's gonna die?". You already know Laurie isn't dying because she stars in the sequels, and everybody else who dies is either "messing around" or about to, and everybody knows that messing around in horror movies is pretty much a death sentence, so there's no suspense there.

I get why it may have been considered so good when it was new, but today all the mystery and suspense just isn't there, making it a simply average movie..... I hope Michael doesn't kill me now for not loving his movie