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Halloween:The 2007 Remake Unrated Directors Cut

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This movie is a remake of the Original Halloween movie directed byRob Zombie also known as the lead singer of the band White Zombie.This is the Unrated Directors Cut Version of the Remake that includes Bonus Features.

Myers the Early Years:

The remake of Halloween certainly doesn't goat as fast of a pace. The movie is more about the details for sure. The biggest example of this is Micheal Myers as a kid who decendsinto a downward spiral. I feel sad for the child Michael Myers as he can't even stop his downward spiral as if inner demons start to overwhelm his state of mind. I really like that they took the time in the movie to show things at a slower pace instead of just zooming through the scenes. I get a better understanding and feel of the movie.

Michael Myers childhood upon first impression isn't much for me to look at and admire although he had some caring family members. I certainly wouldn't have happy thoughts of it years down the road when thinking about it as if it was my own life. Despite these thoughts I wouldn't say Micheals family is not a complete disaster but its by far no means perfect. That however is beyond the point considering what else happens.

Myers Doctor:

Michael Myers psychiatrist(Sam Loomis) some sad things in the movie to the point where i feel sympathic towards him. Michael Myers seems to consume Sams life and can't escape him as hes thoughts are are overwhelmed by Myers.

Myers the Adult:

Upon first impression seeing the older Myers was really creepy. Rob Zombie did a great job of showing the Michael Myers years later and what all had become of him.

Any Humor?:

Some of the funny scenes in the movie involve drunken rednecks doing foolish acts to the point to where it gets crazy and somewhat funny. The guys were basicly asking for it as Myers wipes the floor with them. Honestly I was wanting Myers to attack them as they were just lousy human beings.

Myers Obsession:

Despite many years Michel Myers knows exactly what he wants to do and where to go and has a very vivid memory. He doesn't forget things despite being locked away for years

Film Comparison To the Original:

The blood, gore, vulgarity, and nudity is much more apparent in the film.

Was I Scared?

No, but few parts in the film do get somewhat disturbing for me such as what occurs when the movie is almost over. I enjoyed most of the film without being affected in a disturbing manner. I can enjoy and tolerate horror films very well even when I was a kid.

The Soundtrack:

The songs playing through the film are not much to adore for me but 1 song really got my attention mid-way through the film allowing me to focus more on what was going on. I wanted to download the song to my mp3 player.

Overall Impression of Myers:

Michael Myers problems from my point of view are genetic rather than brought upon by negative influences in his past. His family life just wasn't bad enough for him to turn into the monster he did.

The Added Bonuses:

The Unrated Directors Cut includes different scenes added. Also added is Zob Zombie(The director)talking throughout the film. You can choose if you want his commentary or not. He goes into what was going on during filming the scenes such as exactly where the stunt people were, how actors felt during the scenes, the frustrating scenes that required many retakes, what was contructed and whats was already there for the scenes, and rob zombies favorite scene. He also mentions examples of scenes he edited out that didn't fit well enough for the film.


Overall I really liked the remake and enjoyed it better than the Original Halloween.