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Halls Refresh Surprisingly Good Lozenges, But Pricey

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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The store was out of my favorite Halls Defense Vitamin C Drops, so I decided to try the Halls Refresh even though they were quite a bit more expensive. They cost $1.64 for 20 lozenges or 8.2 cents each, and they are smaller. They claim to offer “advanced moisture action.” and I guess that’s a good way to describe it. They do make your mouth water. The taste was more “tingly” than regular cough drops, but not medicinal at all.

They are sugar free and labeled as having “tropical wave” flavors (both natural and artificial). It seems to me that there are two kinds, both of which taste like peach, but one more so. There is a picture of kiwi, orange and mango on the package. Sometimes I think I can catch one of those flavors in the mix. I’m not saying they don’t taste good, because they do... I just can’t quite identify the flavors.

I like to suck these lozenges and make them last as long as possible. These are smaller than the Defense lozenges and they don’t last as long... about 10 minutes for me as compared to 20 minutes for the others. What was quite a surprise was that after it was all dissolved the great sparkly taste lasted for another 20 minutes or so. At least this was true when I was riding in the car (I was on my way to another hike).

But the main reason that I bought them is because I use this kind of product to relieve the dry mouth I often get while hiking. And it seemed to me that they did not perform as well when I was outside and exercising (walking). They tasted as good, but it didn’t seem as if that refreshing sensation lasted afterwards. I can’t explain why this would be true, but it seemed that way to me.


They really taste good! I might occasionally buy them in the future, but they do cost quite a bit more.