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By dawn69 on
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Hallmark does it again with a great collectible for Halloween. This stuffed Calderon with one frog in the pot and one frog on his head sing a great little song. They also shake and shiver as well as light up. There is a recipe on the front of the pot that is for Halloween Stew. There are only a few ingredients and they are 2 tremblin toads, 12 crunchy caterpillars, 3 spooky spiders, and 1 jar of junebug jelly.

This product is $29.95 unless you but three Hallmark cards at which time it becomes $14.95. This is not a bad price for a fun toy. The best part is this toy take 4 double A battier which are included with your purchase. I like this fact because some of those round batteries that run other animated stuffed animals are very expensive.

The words to the song are listed on the tag so that you can sing along with the toads.

I wonder what'll happen when the witch comes back yeah

Something bad could happen when the witch comes back yeah

it might be something scary. Or extraordinary

We'll be very wary when the witch comes back.

But wait! Is that the door? I think the witch is back. Yeah

A creaking of the floor. Oh yes, the witch is back. yeah

I've got a funny notion we'll wind up in a potion.

This is way too much emotion!

the witch is back. Gulp!

I am sure that everyone will love this toy. I would not recommend this for very small children as they have a habbit of putting things in their mouth. You can go to Hallmark.com and view this precious new collectible.