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Halo: Combat Evolved Review

Reviewing: Bungie Studios Halo: Combat Evolved  |  Rating:
By cipherical on
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Halo: Combat Evolved. The Bad: the middle third of the game campaign uses the same areas over and over again until you are bored, lack of online multiplayer game-play (Xbox Live wasn't launched back then.). The Good: Excellent sound-track, awesome and addictive game-play (I don't know if the addictive part is a good thing), superb storyline, you get to drive vehicles (a sort-of jeep, etc.), awesome weaponry (I like the sniper rifle), great artificial intelligence of enemy, quite challenging (for people who like to be challenged), gorgeous graphics, virtually no loading times (which means you don't have to wait for game-play, which is great), the game campaign takes about a satisfying 12 hours to complete (hopefully you like long campaigns). The Conclusion: A great First-person shooter for everyone, including the people who don't like Science Fiction shooters. It's worth your money and your time.