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Halo Pc Review

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By joetheman on
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Halo on PC is a great game. The single player is quite challenging and takes time to beat the game. The best part of the game, it the online system that the game has. I love playing online against others because it creates challenges for me and it to see and to play at different kinds of map there are. Its also a good place to create custom maps to be used for online gaming or playing against your friends.

Combat Evolved just looks like your average 'shoot the aliens' game. However, there was just something that made it spectacular. I think that it was the fact that every new game was trying to be different than your average shoot 'em up game. But Combat Evolved was just a regular one in the midst of all the others. Boy, did it work.

But, Halo is not perfect. The graphics will sometimes annoy you. The mini map isn't very helpful.

Its an good game for teens to play if they like first person shooter games especially if you love the halo 1, 2 and 3 games of xbox and xbox 360. I don't recommend this game to younger kids below 10 years old. Great game, if you haven't played this game before you so need to try it, its so awesome. An replacement for halo 1 on xbox that is playable on PC. I don't really like the single player part of the game because there isn't much of an challenge.