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Halo Reach: Is It Worth $60

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Peter Benko By Peter Benko on
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The coming and passing of this September came with the anticipated arrival of the final Halo game in the series, Halo: Reach. This game was extremely anticipated after the last game ODST was released not living up to the halo name. After playing the game I believe that the game play achieved in Halo one, two, and three could simply not be repeated and I believe Reach is just another ODST.

My first reaction while playing the game was how the graphics still can not measure up to the game’s biggest rival and likely once again to take the game of the year award, Call of Duty. The overall controls were the same and I was still once again disappointed when Bungie ignored all the complaints and left out the ability to aim down the sights. I think that the ability to aim down the sights really gives an FPS game the feel of really being in the moment. Also, to my disappointment was the fact that Bungie decided to take the path that Infinity ward took in their last game MW2 and added a bunch of unnecessary additions to the game to make it seem like a huge advancement to the last game when all they did was change around the plot. To be honest, some of the load outs just aren't classic Halo. For example, being able to sprint which although handy, does not belong in a Halo game.

Over all I am disappointed in the lack of effort Bungie put into the game and think that game creating companies should start giving people their money's worth like they did a couple years ago.