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Halo X Box Great Game

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By kalel on
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Whenever there is a debate or discussion about First Person Shooters, inevitably, Halo will come up in the conversation. Halo is one of, if not the, greatest FPS games of all time. The single player campaign is deep in content and rich in plot. You can also bring a friend along for the journey in co-op mode. The weapon variety is vast. Nothing feels better than using a Rocket Launcher to blow up a group of enemies or sticking a Grunt with a plasma grenade and watching it run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Both the enemy classes and difficulty settings allow variety and gives the game a high replay value. The multiplayer mode is what skyrockets this game above all others. With game modes ranging from the typical deathmatches and capture the flag, to more unique modes in juggernaut and king of the hill. This game is great for lan parties and is sure to keep you up all night with non-stop action. The joy of getting a Killtacular or Triple Kill will prove yourself way beyond any trash talking that occurs (and believe me, there will plenty of that). Now pick up the controller and good luck fragging!