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Hancock Hancock Review

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I rented Hancock at Redbox yesterday to watch instead of football during Thanksgiving. I cheated and watched it early! I have been looking forward to this movie coming out on DVD because I'd rather wait for the DVD than put out the money for all of us to go to the movies unless it's something special that the kids want to see.

Hancock is about a man who has special powers. He is an immortal, though he does not know how he came to be that way. He can fly at super sonic speeds, is bullet proof - the bullets literally bounce off of him, he is super strong and he does not age.

Because he is alone in the world and believes that he is the only one of his kind, he became an alcoholic who still has the irresistable need to save people in trouble.

He saves the life of a man who wants to make the world a better place also. This man becomes friends with Hancock and lets him know that he believes in him as a human being. From there the plot thickens and I don't want to give away the good parts but this is a movie worth renting. My family will probably watch it a few more times before I take it back.

The action is very good, the DVD is packed full of extras that are interesting and it is just a fun movie all around. There is a bit of cursing but there is no sexual content. The violence (blood and guts) is very minimal.