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Hancock: Not Your Ordinary Hero

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Hancock is not an ordinary superhero movie, VERY different in tone and plot than Spiderman, Superman, Batman, etc. It shows you how a superhero can be very lonely.

Plot: Hancock (Will Smith) is known as a "bad" superhero since he doesn't do things the way that a good superhero does. He does help people, but he does it in a reckless way that cost the city so much loss. For example: when he tries to stop some bad guys that police are after, he manages to make the city lose 9 million dollars due to plenty of damages here and there. On top of that, he's a drunkard and he uses bad words! That's why people reject him and "hate" him.

One day he saves Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) from being run over by a train. Ray wants to turn Hancock's life around, so he tells Hancock about his plan. His plan involves making Hancock surrender to the police and be put in jail for all the subpoenas that have already piled up against him. Once the people realize that by putting Hancock in jail, the crime rate will go up again, they will definitely want Hancock's help.

The plan works! In a few weeks's time, Hancock gets back out to help the police. This time Ray has taught him to do everything "the right way". Things get complicated when Hancock meets Ray's wife, Mary (Charlize Theron). They feel instant attraction and later on it's revealed that they have a history together.

What's the history about? Why does Mary want Hancock to stay away from their family? What does Mary know about Hancock?

Things become more and more complicated as the story progresses. There're lots of action and shootings and flying. LOVE the action scenes, the acting, and I LOVE the way that the plot is unexpected. I can't write too much here since it's going to ruin the surprise for you! You just have to see the movie yourself!

I also LOVE the many features in the DVD. SO complete! All in all, I'm VERY pleased to have this DVD. I also LOVE the message this movie portrays: that you can't deny your calling. If you deny your calling, you're going to be unhappy.