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Hand Held Fan For Hot Mammas

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As a female who is hot blooded to begin with, menopause was a sheer delight. (Can you detect my sarcasm?) I am always looking for a way to cool off. Being naked at my age is not something the world would appreciate, so I had to find a different approach. I came across these little fans in Walmart. The cost was just $1.00 and that included 2 AA batteries, so I immediately assumed it was a waste of money. I couldn't have been more wrong! These little fans put out a bunch of cool air. You can point it at your face, hair or wherever you feel the heat. The blades are rubber, so even your children or husbands can use this and not get hurt. There is even a hook on it for your belt, purse or whatever, so there is no reason not to have one with you. I've used mine everywhere from outdoor concerts to sitting in the doctor's office. They come in pretty bright colors too, like red, hot pink and orange. Amazingly, the batteries even held up through 2 summers, so that alone was worth the cost.. At this price, you can afford to chill out everywhere you go!

Update On Jun 05, 2010: It's that hot and humid time of year again, so I got my fan out and turned it on. The batteries were dead, so I put in new ones. The fan began to blow, but it wasn't blowing as well as it had summer. I accidently discovered that if I held it backwards, I got a stronger breeze. That made no sense, so I took the batteries out and installed them again and once again, it was only giving a little breeze. My husband came in and began to tinker with it. He took out the batteries while I explained I had already done that. He kept working, then turned on the switch and it worked great. Hallelujah! I asked what he did to fix it and he said I had the batteries in backwards and the blades were turning the wrong way. What??!! I thought he was kidding until I took it apart and tried it myself. He was right! I had never heard of that happening before, but it's true and my little fan is ready for another hot summer.