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Handcrafted Giesha Girl

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This beautiful handmade Geisha doll stands almost 2 feet high and is perched on a stand on which she poses in the middle of. Her kimono is the traditional dress that Geisha's don and it is a colorful mix of fabrics and print that goes together so nicely to really bring about the overall authenticity.

Her hair is done in the traditional Geisha bun, her lips are painted red and her little parasol is perched delicately across her shoulder. Her beautiful porcelain face, arms and hands are delicate replicas of a real Geisha beauty's fair complexion and I love having her standing in my front window gazing across the living room.

My daughter in law obtained this beautiful doll while her father was posted over seas and she remembers watching the doll maker create this little beauty right before her eyes. It took all of a few hours to put her together yet the detail is magnificent and it is evidence of the dedication and speed with which the true artisan was able to complete his work. The cost? An incredible US$10! Regardless of whether this is a true collectible or not, I will always ensure that she has a special place in my home where she can gaze out over the expanse of the room.

This doll is now approximately 10 years old but is in pristine condition. I was honored when my daughter in law gave it to me, in her words I am more oriental than she is. This doll is a beautiful addition to my collection of many oriental objects.

Update On Nov 05, 2008: Update: Nov 4/08 As the photo indicates - I was thinking of another doll I have that has a detachable Parasol - this doll doesn't have one although I could easily place one in her hand - that's what I get for rushing around with several reviews in mind at the same time :) Other than that however, it's accurate. Sorry for the confusion!