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Handmade Souvenir

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A man in our church is from Costa Rica and our Pastors just went there so we could plan a missions trip to his country and take several groups, including some youth.

Our friend told his sister what to buy for us and give it to one Pastor to bring back home for us. Little did he know it was our Anniversary the day he gave it to us this past weekend. So the gift had a double meaning. One, he thought enough of us to get us a gift and Two, he gave us an anniversary gift.

I am not sure what type of tree this wall decor is made from as they use several kinds from the area. But this wooden wall plaque is 15 inches long. The details of the roof on the house, the tree, tree branches and bushes at the bottom of the tree are made by pulling up or carving the wood. This gives the details a raised appearance and then everything is brightly colored in detail.

The front of this plaque is a thick high gloss shellac and the back is left untouched. There is even a triangle hook for hanging.

I love handmade items from other parts of the world. Just like this wall plaque, the colors and natural surroundings represent to me the people from that area too.

The painting is of a small house amongst trees and bushes. Birds are flying in the air, while a volcano is appearing to erupt in the background. Granted, we wouldn't be in this actual location if a volcano were erupting for real, but to depict memories and the environment of our friend's hometown, we think the painting does a great job. This piece is even signed by the artist and that makes it more special. What a pleasant surprise to get a gift like this from a man we only just met a few months ago. I think our friend represents all of his people in Costa Rica and I hope we can go on this upcoming trip to meet them.