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Hand Master Bamboo Garden Gloves Are Not For Pulling Weeds

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moonbeam973 By moonbeam973 on
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I do not know how much the Handmaster Bamboo Garden Gloves regularly sell for, but they were on sale at Fred Meyer for $1.99. I bought them on a whim, because the gloves I had been using were too large, and they kept sliding around on my hands, when I wore them. These are a womens' size small, and they fit perfectly.

They are 100% bamboo, and the material is very breathable. They are supposed to be moisture wicking, but I can't vouch for that, as the temperature rarely gets warm enough here to break a sweat.

The palms of the Handmaster Bamboo Garden Gloves do have a very good grip though. These make pulling dandelions so much easier. The soil still manages to get up under my finger nails, even with the gloves on, but since they are made of a breathable material, I didn't really expect that they would keep the dirt out. I would rather get some dirt under my nails than wear big, bulky gloves that are difficult to work in.

The gloves are also supposed to be anti-fungal; they "will not hold odor or grow fungus, even if left in moist conditions." I did launder these once, and they held up just fine. As filthy as they were, it was necessary to wash them on the heavy cycle, but I air dried them in hopes of making them last longer.

Apparently, the update I added to the text at a later date is not editable, so let me make a few clarifications here. First, I did have to throw my Handmaster Bamboo Garden Gloves away after only a few uses and one laundering. (Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a photo of them before I pitched them in the trash, so I do not have one to upload as a visual aid).

Second, I purchased the gloves for pulling dandelions but, being a novice, I did not realize that light duty bamboo gloves were not right for the job. My fingers quickly wore through the bamboo fabric, and I've since purchased a pair of Atlas Grip Gloves that work quite well for pulling dandelions. (I've since learned that it would be easier to pave over my lawn than get rid of dandelions).

Lastly, I just want to say that the Handmaster Bamboo Gloves were not what I needed, but they were nice gardening gloves. I would recommend them for protecting your hands from brambles, thorns, and rocks. They would even work well for pulling out flimsy weeds that are not rooted into the ground very well.

Update On May 09, 2010: Well, I've used these only a few times, but I had to pitch them today. My index finger wore a hole right through the right glove, and it was clear that the same thing was about to happen with the a couple of the other fingertips. We have a real problem with dandelions in our yard, but I'm really disappointed that these gloves didn't hold up better.