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Handsfree, How Convenient. Ativa At Bt 210

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yangbang By yangbang on
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I had been meaning to buy a bluetooth headset for a while now. They seem to be so convenient because it allows you to talk on the phone while doing work, studying, cooking, etc. Last week I finally went out to Staples to buy one. Usually I buy all my stuff online but I know the girl who works at Staples and she promised me an employees discount. (I’m a bargain hunter, I don’t like paying full price). There was a lot of different bluetooth headsets but after consulting with my friend there I finally decided on the Ativa AT-BT 210. This was a company that I had never heard before, but I was told that they were reliable so I went ahead and bought it.

After about a week of use, I don’t regret buying it but I also am not impressed by any means at the performance. In a headset I am looking for these qualities:

Comfort - Ativa AT-BT 210 is not uncomfortable. With that said, it is not comfortable either. Put it this way - It doesn’t hurt when you wear it for lets say, half a day, but you are constantly reminded that it is there. Maybe I haven’t gotten used to it enough. Who knows.

Range - The advertisement on the box is totally boloney in this category. It says that the max range is 30 feet but in reality its more like 10 feet. Any further than 10 feet and you’ll run into major static. I personally don’t really care about range because most of the time my phone is in my pocket while I use the bluetooth headset.

Compatibility - The Ativa AT-BT 210 is a universal bluetooth headset so it is supposed to work on a variety of phones. So far I tested on my Samsung, my girlfriends LG, my brother’s Sony, and they have all worked flawlessly.

Battery - The battery lasts long enough. They say 7 hours talk time and 150 hours standby time and so far I have no problems with battery since I charge it every night before I hit the sack. The headset comes with both wall and car charger.

Overall I am content with the Ativa AT-BT 210. It gets the job done for me and I paid a lot less then the retail price so I shouldn’t complain.