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Handspring Visor Pros And Cons

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I would like to start out saying that the Handspring Visor is a very nice little PDA. It is well built and comes with a screen cover that snaps over half the PDA so it is not oversized (like a case would be), and you can fit it in your pocket easily. It also has a nice little thing in the back called a Springport, and that is a port which you can plug in things like, dial-up modems, wireless cards, memory cards, GPSs, mp3 players, and much more. I've found that the two AAA batteries last about 3 days of somewhat normal use, but thats because I overclocked it to 37mhz instead of the normal 16mhz, and also running demanding programs like Gameboy emulators. Now I'll get to the pros and cons.

(Some) Pros

1. Tough.

2. It has 8MB of internal usable space.

3. Comes with a metal stylus with a reseting pin and mini-screwdriver


1. The infrared port is on the left side of it and makes it awkward to use as a remote.

Besides that its pretty awesome, so therefore I would recommend this to anyone, from little kids, because of its durability (not to mention the games), to adults, because of its many Springport attachments (such as GPSs).

Update On Nov 08, 2009: When you carry this in your pocket make sure the back cover is on so the batteries don't fall out, you'll lose all your data in their out for too long.