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Handy Store'n'carry Tote

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I'm not a big Michael's Craft Store shopper but when I do happen to take a trip into the local store I am usually quite fortunate to find something that will catch my eye and of course encourage me to part with a little money. Naturally, there is never a better way to entice me to do just that than by offering me something On Sale!

A couple of months ago after growing tired of digging through plastic bags to locate various jewelry findings, jump rings and beads'n'baubles, I decided that a trip there was very warranted. I wasn't certain that I'd find what I was after but decided that the only thing I had to lose was a little time away from the house, my laptop and all my handy dandy jewelry goodies.

Michael's carries a good deal of scrap booking related products and I thought that if I was going to find something capable of organizing my numerous treasures, the scrapbooking section would be one of the first places to look. I was pleasantly surprised to find these great Store and carry tote bags in cute Polka Dot accented fashion. At the time they had only three different colors, Pink with white dots, Lime Green with white dots and black with white dots.

I chose two, a black and a pink with white dots. These nifty little totes house three large compartmentalized hard plastic storage trays that fit very neatly one on top of the other inside the bag and still leaves enough room at the top to allow me to tuck in some books, additional tools and a few extra containers if I wish. With an ample number of compartments per case which offers the ability to remove or make the compartments larger or smaller simply by moving the little plastic divisions around, I was successfully able to organize, divide and mix and match all of the findings, beads, chains and more that I have at my disposal.

As I do a lot of Chain Maille work I needed something that could easily keep all of the many different jump ring sizes, colors and gauges that I work with, without causing me to have to rummage through each container before I found what I was looking for. By adhering little labels to the top of the containers and because the plastic is reasonably transparent, I now have a way in which to see visually as well as know at a glance just by reading the labels, what item is in what storage container and compartment.

I've even been able to make room in the containers to hold my jewelry tools such as my crimper, jump ring and needle nose plyers and my mandrel and jewelry wires all fit perfectly inside the tote as well.

Now when I am in the mood to do some chain maille work rather than digging through several plastic bags, I simply pick up my handy totes that have two sturdy rolled handles and carry them where ever I want to be. Everything is contained, all in it's own designated space and my work area is always a neat, quick to pick up and put away exercise.

These totes are great little storage ideas for almost any kind of jewelry, craft or yes, even scrapbooking activitity you might want to undertake. The price was right, the quality of the material is quite good and if down the road I decide to actually take scrapbooking up, I'll have something to actually work with then as well.

I'd recommend these to anyone who has craft supplies, threads, beads or any type of items that need to be stored with convenience. They'd also make great little gifts and storage units for children who collect things like marbles, pebbles or even as jewelry boxes.