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Hang It! Wear It! Send Morse Code!

Reviewing: Fulton Genuine Us Military Issue Angle Head Flashlight  |  Rating:
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This Fulton flashlight is the standard US military issue flashlight.

It is made in the USA and it is TOUGH!

While the body is made of plastic… it is heavy. It seems that it would take a great deal to hurt this thing…

The flashlight has an angled head and belt clip, so it can be attached to your clothing or gear and turned on for hands free lighting. There is also a metal ring at the base of the light that can be pulled up so the flashlight could be hung up, or worn around the neck with a strap. The bottom of the flashlight is also flat, so it could be stood up on a flat surface.

The slide switch has 3 positions. Off, on and a middle setting that allows the operation of a small button above the switch to send Morse Code. The Morse Code button is stiff so sending code for anything more than short periods of time could be painful to the thumb. I am not sure if wearing gloves would improve this… either way it is a nice feature to have if using in a relatively remote area.

If you unscrew the very bottom of the flashlight you will see 2 colored lenses. One red and one blue. These lenses can be added to the lens of the flashlight to change the beam from the standard clear to red or blue.

If you unscrew one up from the very bottom, you will be in the battery compartment. Watch out though as the spring on the bottom is powerful. If you do not hold onto the bottom well it could spring out of your hands. Look at the inside bottom and you will see that in the middle of the spring is a tiny indentation that holds a spare bulb for your flashlight, just in case.

The light that emits from this flashlight is a standard light. It isn’t dim… or really bright… just average.

The flashlight takes 2 D size batteries and seems to last a good long time. I have had mine for 5 months with the same batteries. I have not used the flashlight a great deal, but I have used it and the light is as strong as it was when I first inserted the batteries.

Overall this is a nicely built, multi functioning flashlight.

Made in the USA.