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Hank Zipzer

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By mom2one on
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I have been looking for some new reading books for my 9-year-old son. The books he has been reading seem to be too easy for him.

We went off to Barnes and Noble bookstore in search for some new books to challenge him a bit.

We came across a series written by Henry Winkler, yes the Fonz!

When I asked the worker there if they knew anything about this series she told me that it is fairly popular with the boy crowd. It is recommended for grades 3rd to 5th grade or ages 9 to 12 reading level.

The series is about a 4th grade boy named Hank Zipzer. This series offers humor that boys love. It is tough finding books geared towards boys, most I found are most for girls. The Hank Zipzer series fits the bill.

In this particular book, which is book 1 in the series, is called Niagara Falls or Does It? It starts out that Hank's teacher gives the classroom an assignment to write a 5 paragraph essay on their summer vacation. Hank is terrified because he is dyslexic, although he doesn't know he is dyslexic, he just know his brain doesn't always work they way he wants it too. His teacher and parents just think he is lazy when it comes to schoolwork. This book is suppose to be back in the later 70s era, so schools treated learning disabilities differently then.

Anyway, so instead of writing the 5 paragraph essay, Hank decides to make a model of Niagara Falls. Well the adventure starts with that.

I think this is a great series, not just for boys but girls too I think might like it.

It is a fun, witty and humorous series, yet it teaches kids that everyone learns differently and your brain is your brain.

One tidbit I did not know was Henry Winkler himself is dyslexic, so he has a lot of first hand experience of how school was growing up when school didn't think much of learning disabilities and most of those kids were called lazy and underachievers.