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Cory Budgell By Cory Budgell on
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Anthony Hopkins returns to play Hannibal the Cannibal lecter once again, sadly Clarice changed actors, but the new one is much better.

The story starts off where Silence of the lambs left off, Lecter has escaped, and is on the loose somewhere. It shows him in Italy, where he has been living under an assumed identity for a while, evading the federal agencies who are chasing hom. He takes upon the job of a museum caretaker as a cover for his true life.

The movie shows alot more of the relationship that builds between clarice and Hannibal, but it doesnt show the ending that was in the book, which was my favourite. The movie ending was very good though.

This movie centers more on Hannibal himself, no other killers are made apparent in this movie, they keep the focus fixed on Hannibal, who clearly deserves many many more movies dedicated to him.