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Hannspree Hf289 H 28 Monitor. Size And Performance

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benjamin clifford By benjamin clifford on
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Here is a review of the Hannspree hf289h monitor. I purchased this monitor for use as a combination tv/pc/xbox360 display. I am excited to say that it performs each of these functions admirably. The lcd monitor includes a native resolution of 1900x1200, or slightly better than 1080p. It islisted at 28", though it is truly 27.5" viewable. The best part about the impressive specs is the price tag. I purchased this beast for only $400 at my local best buy. In my opinion this monitor represents the perfect middle ground between the expensive 30" monitors with higher resolutions and the smaller 24" class. The resolution is sufficient at this size, and it keeps the cost very low.

Now you know the monitor is an incredible deal (try looking at 28" 1080p HDTV's). So how is the performance you ask? Well it is mostly representative of the price. That is not to say it is poor, but the monitor is not going to blow anyone away with its color accuracy, especially right out of the box. Fortunately after brief calibration the monitor will satisfy most everyone's needs.The connections are also notable for the price range. it includes 2 HDMI, component, vga, and built in speakers, (which I have not used). as you can see this is basically an HDTV minus the hdtv tuner. Oh, and the unit even comes with a DVI to HDMI cable packed in. You have to love that.Unfortuantely no remote is included, but that is nto unusal as the unit is not sepcifically built for television.

As a television is looks terrific and is great for use in a small room. It includes As a pc monitor it is spacious, truly changing the way you use windows. And for video games it looks outstanding in 1080p. This monitor us outstanding in its price range. It offers performance comparable with any other unit in its size, and it does so as a near rediculous $400.