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Happy Christmas Cards

Reviewing: Post Office Christmas Cards  |  Rating:
Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I just felt the need to do this review, because I have been using my local Post Office, the buy cards, for years. I like the place, the opening hours are very convenient, but most of all, the prices are the cheapest in town.

My Post Office, is independantly run, and therefore has to compete with all the other shops selling cards, in my case this includes two shops specialising in cards only. The prce of the average card is very low indeed, and there is a sign in the window saying that they will guarantee to undercut any other shop in town. must say the quality of the cards is very good, there are a vast amount to choose from, and the cards are all in perfect condition, this is not a Bankrupt stock sale.

regularly use the Post Office to send parcels, and also to buy envelopes, stamps, and of course cards. I would recommend this particular Post Office, for the good service, friendly staff, and clean well laid out shop. The advice given is very good, and although I hate shops and shopping with a vengance, I actually enjoy going into this one.

I would not like to see this place close down, and see it as a meeting lace for the Pensioners, a handy corner shop for kids, and a good place to enquire about taxing your car etc.

The Christmas cards I bought this year, were a great variety, bg special ones, small friendly ones, and very cheap ones that go to people who get them because, well, basically because they sent you one to be perfectly honest!

I m just getting over my Christmas, and am writing this as a start to getting on with life. There is so much I have to do, and it is amazing how much you can fit into one day. You only have one life, so LIVE IT!