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Harmonic Wealth Audio Self Help Book

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I'm a firm believer in the power of affirmative thinking - positive thinking if you will. Raised by a family where I was told "you can do whatever you set your mind to" placed me in a position, from a very young age, to develop this mentallity easily and I've carried it with me and have always ensure that my own children are lavished with this belief as well. While they were all in school time and again their teachers would approach me and tell me what an incredible attitude they had and they'd then proceed to ask me if I was an extremely optomistic person. Of course I'd answer yes indeed and they would remark, "It really shines through in your children!" That would mean so much to me and it continued to affirm that indeed, when you have a positive attitude, it can't help but "shine through".

When I popped the audio book DVD by James Arthur Ray into my laptop I actually thought at first that this was "The Secret" all over again but just in a different tone. Harmonic Wealth - The Secret of Attracting The Life You Want, is actually so much more.

While I listened to each DVD, there are 5 in all, over 6 hours worth of information, I found myself laughing, smiling, nodding my head in agreement (a lot) and eagerly wanting to come back again and again to certain sections to review what I'd heard and make notes. Surprisingly, a lot of what James Ray talks about in this audio book is already a part of my life and I found myself realizing that this fellow was doing a very good job of affirming my already locked and loaded mentality.

James Ray has a very pleasant voice to listen to so no monotone or expressionless audio book here - this particular audio book is far and away one of the better ones I have come across recently - and the message? It will have you jotting down notes, following through on activities and attempting to breath in every nuance it holds - actually James Ray insists on it. This is actually a form of a "course", with exercises to do, notes to make and tasks to help you change how you think, how you act on those thoughts and how they can transform your life - in every area.

A great example which he provides us with is something similar to this: in society we tend to rate people on what they "have" - their material wealth - someone who lives in a mansion and drives an expensive car must be smart, hard working, dilligent, lucky, etc., while someone who lives the opposite - perhaps in poverty - mustn't have any of those qualities - the reality however, is that both people are equally capable of having all of those things and more in their life if they actually "act on their intentions". The person living in poverty may very well have thought, numerous times about a way to make something that would improve many people's lives, or they came up with an idea that could change how we communicate, drive, live. The difference between the man with everything and the man without? Simple. The man with everything thought about what it was he wanted to do, create, invent - and he acted on those intentions and just did it! The other man however simply said to himself "I could never do that. I don't have the money. I don't have any business smarts. I would fail." Fear - fear of failure, of disappointment, of doing or going after something we think we can't achieve? Well, then that's exactly what we are left with.

Throughout the book, you'll learn that James Ray was raised in a Christian home but that he questioned exactly what it was that God wanted for his life and everyone else's. We learn that he took journeys, many of them, to many places and consulted with many spiritual leaders around the world, seeking out the things he felt were missing not only in his life but in every ones.

Some of the things he touches upon are quite similar to what you may read about in The Secret, but he goes one step further and solidifies the fact that most people expect instantaneous results from affirmative thinking. When it doesn't happen instantly, they believe it doesn't work and this is why, he claims, that so many people who could very well be incredibly successful in every single area of their lives, aren't.

There are a lot of really good points made in this audio book and we learn that the things we've always wanted for ourselves, are already surrounding us - perhaps not all encompassing or all in one person, say a significant other, but in our friends, family, co-workers, people we meet and more. We are already enjoying, loving, caring for, friends with - every quality and every positive aspect that we admire, hold dear and want for ourselves - sometimes though, it's just spread about in many different ways and in many different people around us.

I have been actively keeping track, for the past few months in particular, of everything I have received and I also keep track of my thinking patterns - how was I thinking just before that terrific event took place in my life, that money showed up, a long lost friend called. Almost every single time - I realized that I'd been thinking about these things just shortly before receiving them. When I began tracking back - as far back as when I was a youngster, I could literally pin point those times in my life when I had very specific, affirming thoughts, wants, needs etc., and surprisingly, or in my case, not so surprisingly, every single incredible event, idea, goal or longing came about and sometimes in incredible ways. I've done a lot in my life and I learned through James Arthur Ray's Harmonic Wealth, that I am a person who does not fear failure - in fact I welcome it because I realize failure does offer us learning experiences. Without it, we would never, ever learn nearly as much as we do in life.

If you are a positive thinker and especially if you aren't? You must get Harmonic Wealth - in book format or audio. It holds a wealth of incredible, uplifting information that will definitely change your life for the better! Believe me, I've lived with this incredible system for years without even realizing it - it DOES work!