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Harmony Universal Remote

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By Jeison Almonte on
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I one day realized that i have too many remotes to control my entertainment system, so i decided to buy a universal remote. I search all over the internet and eventually found one that caught my eye, which was the Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Advanced Universal Remote. I thought this was the perfect one since i own an Xbox 360 and also it would let me control up to 11 other devices. I Then found a good deal on ebay, and bought it for $79 brand new.

When the Logitech remote arrived through FedEx, i immediately opened it and threw in the batterys. The setup is easy just pop in the CD in your computer and install the software, then just add your devices you want to control. To add your devices is very easy, you select from a list of manufactures from drop down menus and also you select what kind of product it is for example "Television". Then you would enter the model number, and the software will find it, then you just hit the update button and it updates, Its as simples as that. After the remote updated i unplugged it and tested it. Everything worked flawless, but any issues can be corrected through the software or through the remote itself. This is a really good feature, helps you out, but it also allows you to customize the buttons or add original remote features by sending signals to the universal remote.

If you are wondering how many devices work with this remote, Logitech says about 250, 000+ devices which is alot. If the remote cannot control the device and it has infared then just give logitech a call and they will help you add the device from scratch. Although i wish the Logitech Xbox 360 Universal Remote would work with my Playstation 3, but since the ps3 has no infared it will not.

The Logitech Xbox 360 Universal Remote is very comfortable in your hand, the buttons are soft, the LCD screen is very clear, and it feels very high quality. Ofcourse using this remote at night is simple, since the remote has a green backlight which makes night time usage great. Like i said before the buttons are soft, but they are also spaced out pretty good although i wouldnt say that for the number buttons since i find myself pressing two buttons at the same time once in a while. The battery life is pretty good, it runs on 4 triple A batterys. Ive been using it non stop, since i got the remote and i got to tell you its still running strong with the same batterys.

The Logitech Xbox 360 Universal Remote is a very good buy i am very pleased with it, if you own an xbox 360 and also want to control up to 11 more devices then go run out and get yourself one, You wont regret it.