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Harry Potter: A Little Magic On The Wii

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harleyquinn By harleyquinn on
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It's our fifth year at video game Hogwarts and we finally get to wave our wands! The absolute best thing about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the Wii is the interactivity of your wand...I mean wiimote. Yes that's right, you move your wiimote in a series of movements to perform your spells. While I'm confident that real spells are a bit more complicated than the in game spells, it's still a lot of fun.I haven't had this much fun with a Harry Potter video game since I got to fling gnomes in the first game. The second best thing about the new game is the use of the Marauder's Map. Since you have free reign over all of Hogwarts, the map is used to help you get to where you're going. Hogwarts can be very confusing, but tell your map where you need to go and little footsteps will lead you to your destination. Wait...that's not how it works in the books? Well, it's a great idea here. I doubt I could've played the game without it.

The game is very accessible to younger gamers (7 and up or so), but this can be a bad thing as I found myself kinda bored. You get tasks in the game to move through the story and you learn your spells, but it's just not as exciting as I need it to be to keep me coming back.

Overall this is definitely the best HP game and worth at least a rent. A definite buy for big Harry Potter fans, but possibly more so once the price comes down.