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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets For Ps2

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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The Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Game is a great game for anyone who loves the books and the movie. If you are a collector of Harry Potter items then this is a must have.

This game is based off of the second film HArry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. So if you have read the book or seen the film then you have a pretty good idea of the plot behind this game.

It is Harry Potters second year at Hogworts and some strange things are going on. People being petrofied and spiders running into the forbbiden forest and not to mention Harry hearing voices. In the end it's Lord Voldemort again, should have known.

The 3D graphics on this game are very impressive. Especially at Hogwarts. You can explore all of Hogswort castle and the serounding land. There are small tasks you can complete such as finding different items that different students have lost. There are also Quidditch Matches that you have to win to win the Quidditch Cup for you house. And don't forget about those house points. Try not to get caught out at night or those Prefects will subtract 5 points per time you get caught. You don't want to lose the House Cup because you can't be sneaky. now do you.

The voice overs are ok. They sound a little like the actors to a point but they could have done better with a couple of the characters. Moaning Mertal sounds nothing like the actress in the films for example. But for the most part the voices are not a real hindrence to the game. You get over the fact that it's not the same voice after awhile.

The challanges are a little easy so this would be a great game for a younger Harry Potter fan.