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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Widescreen Edition

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Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I bought this DVD the minute it came out. Of course, I had already watched it during the midnight showing and then went on to see it many more times in the movie theater. Prior to that I read the book many times. I give you this background information before my review so that you will have more understanding about my opinion about it.

At 153 minutes in length, this is a long movie. For me, this was a huge plus because that means that it will include much more details. From the onset of the movie I have to say that I loved it. While there are some scenes left out and a few that are added (not in the book) it was fairly accurate to the book. This was a great surprise because I felt that the previous movie was too short and greatly deterred from the book.

I will not give too many details about the plot so I will not spoil it, I will say that this movie is a nice segway leading Harry from young magical student to maturing magical "teacher." The fight to save Hogwarts and stop Voldemort is beginning. Harry begins Dumbledore's Army and trains them in defensive spells. Meanwhile, Voldemort is becomming stronger by the minute.

The real question is if Severus Snape is loyal to Dumbledore or Voldemort. This movie either answers this questions or confuses it even more. While Snape is by far my favorite character, he is definetly choosing sides in this movie. Viewers are not sure what to believe when all is said and done.

I would recommend this movie to pretty much anyone. You actually do not have to read the book first, although it is very helpful if you do. Most ages can watch it. Very young children may be scared during some scenes and most young children would not be interested in watching it anyways.

This edition is pretty basic. There is not too many extras on it. There are language options in English and Spanish and subtitles in English, French and Spanish. If you are looking for a basic movie edition, this is edition will work. It is sold at a low price and is available most places DVDs are sold. If you like Harry Potter movies then this is a nice addition to your collection.