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Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

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As a huge fan of Harry Potter I am always excited when they are published to DVD. Once again, with the fifth installment in the eight part film series released on DVD, I had to pick up a copy!

The visuals in the movie were incredible in theatres and we're just as spectacular on the DVD Featurette. The only issue I found with the visual aspect of the DVD is that from time to time, the setting is portrayed darker than I would have liked. Therefore, halves of faces are shown (if shown at all). Not only faces, but key background placements of objects are missed.

The sound quality was phenomenal. I felt that the movie was loud and soft when it needed to be. The only problem with this concept is that when a lot of scenes where talking interaction is occurring (and is important to the plot!) as Harry Potter tends to have, the voices aren't loud enough to hear. This then forces you to turn it up so you can understand the characters but then a few minutes later you are forced to turn it down when a loud action sequence appears. All and all though I was not disappointed, since this occurred seldom.

The Extra Features is what really killed it for me. At first, I noticed there weren't really any extra features to begin with. Just your ordinary Languages and Subtitles nonsense. As a firm believer in being able to hear every word during a movie (especially in a movie where the words are tied to the plot more relevantly than their actions are), I tend to use English Subtitles. However, the subtitles on this DVD were not up to par in my standards. In many instances, the words did not match what they had actually said. Now, I don't mind a few words missed here or there to keep up with the scenes in the movie, but the subtext was not even keeping up with the movie! The subtitles commonly missed whole sentences. Also, what really enraged me was the misspellings. Now, I'm not perfect in grammar nor do I pretend to be, but shouldn't these things be checked before releasing millions of copies around the world? Common mistakes were made from time to time with the improper use of the correct "their" or "they're". As an Education major with an emphasis in English, this really bothers me. Does no one in the Subtitle department know how to speak (or in this case write) properly? Never the less, there is always spell check.

As a whole the DVD version of the movie was well done. Sure, certain aspects could have been changed or just removed completely; yet it accomplished what it was made to do: allow the consumer to view the movie.