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Harry Turtledove Ends With A Bang

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By pillowpants on
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At the beginning of this four book conclusion to his series, I have a scorecard ready for you

The US: Controls Canada, besides Quebec and they're allied with the German empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The CS: Has most of Mexico, and is allied with Japan, Russia, England and France.

The four book series has several different themes going on at once. On one end, the blacks are rebelling in the South and the North is trying to fund them, and on the other hand, the Mormons are rebelling in Utah and the South is funding them. Then we have a major holocaust in Texas occuring, and a world war with every country consumed with the idea of building nuclear weapons and quickly.

I loved the ending to this series and Harry Turtledove is my favorite author for writing this, as well as his other series which I am going to also review.