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Hartz 2 In 1 Flea Tick Dog Spray Doesnt Work!

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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We used this product on three different dogs and it did not get rid of the fleas. One of the dogs disliked it so much that after the first usage she would run and hide whenever I picked up the bottle.

It was a really bad year for fleas where I live. Between my son and me, we have three dogs, two are medium sized and one is small. I used it first on my dog carefully following the directions to spray her 30-40 strokes, and ruffle her fur to let the product reach the skin. She allowed us to do this, but then she just went berserk! She was running all over the house rubbing against anything to try to get rid of the chemicals. It was impossible to tell if they made her itch, burn, feel a temperature change, or some other unpleasant reaction, but she clearly did not like what was happening. This might have all been worth it if the fleas had been affected. The directions say that the fleas will be killed within 5 to 10 minutes. But the fleas were back the next day as bad as before.

The bottle says to repeat the use in one week, so I didn’t dare spray her again so soon. A week later I did try to repeat the dosage, but as soon as she saw me coming with the bottle she ran and hid under the bed.

We also sprayed my son’s dogs. They apparently did not have as unpleasant of a reaction as my dog, but it didn’t get rid of the fleas on them either.

We ended up going to the vet to get some good medication.

The Hartz spray is also supposed to kill ticks, if you spray them directly. I have not tested the product in that regard.

Does anyone want half a bottle of Hartz?

Update On Jul 11, 2009: I am using up this bottle to spray the furniture and rugs this year, as we are having a real flea problem. It seems to be working fairly well on surfaces, but I'll never use it directly on the animals again. See Ultra Guard Flea Collar for Dogs