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Hasbro Elefun Game

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By mellaview on
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Hasbro's Elefun is a game that my nephew and neice were given this past Christmas. It's a game that we end up setting up and playing every so often, and to be honest old and young alike will find enjoyment in Elefun.

What Is Elefun?

It is a game that promotes hand and eye coordination, it also helps with remembering color, and counting.

The game itself is a large plastic elephant that sits on the floor. When you turn him on, his plastic nose rises up 4 feet into the air, and sprays out 30 lightweight vinyl butterflies.

The game comes with 4 catching nets. One blue, red, green and yellow. There are also 30 butterflies total, oddly though the butterflies are colored either yellow, green or red. I found it strange that there would not also be 10 blue butterflies, allowing children to catch the butterfly that matches their net?

With that aside though we had, and still have a lot of fun playing the game. The butterflies soar into the air, and it is up to you to catch them with your net, or with your hands. Some butterflies land on the floor, but you are allowed to pick them up and add them to your pile if you are fast!

All in all we were able to make games up as we went along, from catching them with our hands, catching only certain colored butterflies, and catching as many as we could.

The fun though can end quickly, because the batteries on this game run out quickly!

Overall, Elefun is a fun game, promtes hand and eye oordination, helps teach numbers, and colors.

I highly recommend Elefun. You can find it at any toy store, or any superstore like Walmart or Target for around $19.99 or less.