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Hate To Cook But Love My Table Top Oven

Reviewing: Hamilton Beach 18 Qt Extra Large Capacity Table Top Oven  |  Rating:
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I had spied this nifty little appliance during my shopping expeditions and thought, how great would a Table top oven be! Me, who hates to cook thinking that something to cook with was actually something I wanted. How odd.

Two Christmas's ago my Table top Oven sat newly washed on the counter. My but it was huge! In went the turkey which I'd purchased weeks before, not quite the fit I'd expected, the turkey was even larger than the oven but I was determined to make it work. The Christmas turkey and everything else I've cooked in it has been awesome!

The Hamilton Beach Table top oven is a large 18 quart capacity multi-purpose small appliance, efficient and satisfactory enough to replace/substitute the use of a standard conventional oven, and weighs approx 5lbs. It includes an insert that is removable and suitable for serving from. The inside is non-stick porcelain and includes a roasting rack the size of the oven base which is convenient for the removal of any roasted item in one simple step and works as a platform to keep meats from sitting directly in their juices. This allows for very tender, moist roasted meats. I can steam, roast, bake, slow cook and cook anything with it just as I would in my stove. It's portability makes it an ideal solution for any time cooking might be needed in a location where a standard stove may not be suitable or available. Anywhere power is available, this unit will operate perfectly as a full oven or as a helper.

The temperature ranges from 250F to 450F and heats up quickly maintaining its temperature very well. I've cooked roasts, stews, turkeys, chickens, baked beans, scallop potatoes etc., to perfection. Rice pudding is incredibly easy and by adding approx 1 inch of water beneath the lift out insert and placing the insert into the water, steaming is a simple process. Although I've not yet tried baking with it, I doubt that I would be disappointed in its performance in that category.

It's easy to clean although a bit cumbersome to wash in a double sink, but using a non abrasive scrubber easily washes away any messes.

The unit itself does get rather hot on the outside so care must be taken to ensure nothing is touching it. The lid is a little thin which did not survive a tumble to the floor once so is a bit misshapen although not unusable and doesn't affect the overall performance in the least. The temperature indicator is simply a knob which is turned clockwise to the required temperature setting. An 'on' indicator light signals that the unit is in use, glowing orange once the unit has reached the desired temperature setting.

The only small complaints I have are that the power cord which uses a standard 3 prong electrical outlet is a bit too short requiring it to be no more than 1.5 feet away from the wall. Also the little black rubber feet on the underside tend to leave little circles on the counter top after use. These however are easily removed with a cloth. Two features I would like it to have are a timer and an auto shut off as a few times I've forgotten to turn it off after cooking.

I have used this oven often and thus far I've found it to be excellent value for the money, dependable and problem free. I haven't noticed any increase in power useage because of it despite its frequent use. Overall, highly recommended.