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Haunted By Heather Graham

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Stephanie Mason By Stephanie Mason on
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This is story is about a man named Matt Stone who doesn't believe in ghosts however there are those that are convincingly roaming his home, a historic Virginia estate that date back to the Revolutionary War. As Matt is pressured to get the truth about some strangest things happening around the estate, he decides to hire Harrison's Investigations to explore the strange things that are going on. A paranormal investigator named Darcy has learned to believe in the unbelievable. She has been given a gift to see people that have passed. When she gets to Melody Estates, she gives Matt fair warning of what might or might not happen. They both find that the Melody House holds much more than a mystery.

Heather Graham is by far my favorite thriller writer. She has written many that have given me chill up and down my back and this no different. I could not read this book in a room by myself as I was afraid what would pop out from under a chair or bed. This was a great novel and I would recommend it.