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Haunting Grounds For Playstation 2

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By nickymittens on
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Haunting ground is a game for people who are just getting into survival horror or have what I like to call a weak level of tolerance to the horror genre, yet for some reason find themselves drawn to it. Despite the fact it is of the survival horror nature I do not consider it a true horror game, it's not scary. Some scenes are disturbing, intense and others just down right funny. You can unlock four different endings each giving its own rewards.

Shortly after you start the game you will meet a dog named hewie, he is quite realistic so he doesn't always listen to you and in critical times this can mean a game over. He can also dig up hidden items, be used to alert you of approaching villains ahead of time and even help you escape from dire situations but not always. So seeing as hewie is your main way of defending yourself it is best you use him as a quick distraction while you look for a place to hide. Combat is straight forward, Fiona can only kick or ram into things so she is quite useless. There are a handful of items that can be used to help you however.

The mood is well developed, it gives you that "I'm being watched feel" and Fiona will often look over her shoulder to check if you stand in one place for to long. Though the game is not scary by any means it certainly is spooky, its good for someone who likes the horror genre but gets scared easily. The scariest part in this game is going down a hall that has a section with holes in it and you can hear a voice whispering if you stand there for a second. Other than that we are looking at mild disturbing scenes, creepy people and a sick twisted plot. I would suggest the rating for this game be dropped from M to T.